• NURSING PRACTICE: The entire hospital complex of Alam Hospital and Research Centre with all its various specialties having a bed strength of 150 along with other affiliated hospitals is made available to the students for clinical experience.
  • A well developed Community Health Department with urban & rural community centers with various developmental activities planned and executed scientifically are at the disposal of students for practical community health nursing experience.

  • EXTENSIVE LIBRARY SERVICE together with systematic use of audiovisual aids, e-library is available to help the students in their learning process. They shall follow all the rules of the library.

  • EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: In view of the main aim of education as the total development of the person, a number of opportunities are provided for the students to develop their skills and talents at various levels, through membership to the Student and Trained Nurses Associations and participation at local, state and national conferences and scientific exhibitions which promote leadership potentialities in the students. Besides these, opportunities to develop talents in music, dance, indoor and outdoor games and sports also are provided.

  • HEALTH SERVICES: On admission every student will undergo a Medical Examination. An Annual check-up will be done for all the UG students. Medical care will be given to all the students in case of illness, at Alam Hospital as per the student health scheme, the details of which are given in the student hand book.

  • During the course, a high standard of health has to be maintained. In case of any illness as that of epilepsy, heart diseases and major health deviations detected after admission, the student may be asked to discontinue the course.

  • HOSTEL: Stay in the hostel is encouraged to meet the requirements of the course both academic and clinical. During the stay in the hostel, the student will strictly adhere to the Hostel Rules. Every student who wishes to get admitted to the Hostel, should make an application at the beginning of academic year in the prescribed application form available at the college office. Admission made to the hostel is for only one academic year. For re-admission, every students has to submit a fresh application.

  • MESS: All the students of the hostel are served mess facility.

  • TELEPHONE CALLS: The School does not entertain direct telephone calls to the students during working hours. Any message should be passed on through the principal.

  • VACATION: Students are normally entitled to a 30 days vacation for a year and this is arranged according to the convenience of the Hospital and the School of Nursing depending on the examination schedule

  • Sick Leave: 10 days per annum, leave is not accumulative.

  • Preparatory Holidays: 7 days per annum. If the students are unable to return on time due to illness, the Principal should be intimated by telephone/ email followed by a written explanation. On return, they should submit a medical certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner stating full particulars of their illness and treatment. Normally, no other leave will be granted except the planned vacation. Students are not granted leave for social events in the family. In case a student absent herself from duty/ class for any reasons and the Principal is not satisfied with the explanation regarding her absence, the student will be asked to make up for the number of days she was absent at the rate of 3 days for a day of absence during the vacation. as approved by the Principal.
  • Those not having at least 80% of attendance f o r any subject will not be permitted to appear for examination

  • ACADEMIC PROGRESS AND CLINICAL EVALUATION: All Students are expected to maintain a high academic and clinical standard of performance throughout the programme. To this effect regular written and practical sessional examinations will be conducted. Consistent standards of excellence are expected at all times. Students who do not show any progress or who fail repeatedly will not be allowed to appear for examination or to continue the course.


  • As a matter of policy, students are not relieved during the course of study. However, if any student after admission to the course decides to withdraw voluntarily from the school at any time before completing the course, she shall communicate her decision to the management in writing along with a letter from her parents in support of her decision. A student who fulfills these formalities and who is permitted to withdraw from the course is required to pay the fees for the remaining period of the course and a penalty amounting to Rs. 25,000/- however, fees already paid will not be refunded.
  • The Management reserves the right to discharge anyone whose work, conduct or health is not found satisfactory or for any other cause, during the period of training or service.