Medical Surgical Nursing

According to Johnson & Johnson’s “Nursing Notes,” medical-surgical nursing – also known as med-surg nursing – is the backbone of healthcare. The company’s latest post also suggests med-surg nursing may well be the foundation for all nursing specialties. 

That viewpoint appears to be substantiated by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, which notes that when the nursing profession was initially recognized, all nurses worked in medical, surgical or obstetric wards and nursing education centered on those areas. 

Moving forward to the present time, medical-surgical nursing still comprises the largest segment of working nurses, according to the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN). In addition to the strong demand for med-surg nurses, that particular segment of nurses is so valuable because med-surg nurses are trained to fill many roles in diverse settings…from inpatient care centers, clinics and home health care, to urgent care, surgical centers and universities and more. 

Nurses are special people, dedicated to providing the care and treatments necessary for their patients to live healthier lives. But some might say med-surg nurses are particularly special because of the diverse experience they bring to the job. While many use their experience to move into other specialty areas, plenty of med-surg nurses choose to stay right where they are because they get to work with such a diversity of patients. 

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