Community Health Nursing

The community health nurse or public health nurse is one category of the health workforce in the community. In all pre-service nursing or nursing and midwifery curricula, there are one or two courses in community health nursing, which provide basic information on community health and the role of nurses in the community. In response to the primary health care movement, a framework of community health nursing education has been developed for use in countries of South-East Asia. This framework may be adapted according to the country context. The framework for nursing education on community health is aimed to provide guidance to nurse educators on the key contents to be included in the community nursing teaching course for the pre-service nursing and midwifery curriculum. It includes the key role functions, and the work of community health nurses; the population targeted, core competencies, and the teaching and learning process. Capacity building of nursing educational institutions to promote teaching of community health should also be included in the curriculum.
It is hoped that the countries will use or adapt this framework in designing the community health nursing course and in building the capacity of nursing educational institutions for teaching community health nursing. In the long term, nurses working in the community will have the basic knowledge on community health services, community resources and the ability to deliver community health nursing interventions to meet the needs of people more effectively and efficiently.

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