General Discipline

Nursing profession which demands altruistic service from its members extracts self discipline at a personal level and general discipline in the campus.

Therefore, Regular attendance as well as punctuality is expected from the students at lectures, demonstrations, practical, field work and other such academic exercises as well as in clinical sessions. They are required to attend allotted working period in each of the prescribed subjects.

Students are also required to present themselves neat and tidy in their dress avoiding exaggerated fashions. The students should wear the prescribed complete uniform for duty.

Students will refrain from any form of indiscipline unfitting to members of the nursing profession. They will strive at all cost to be loyal-to the ethos of the Institutions and promote its image and status by a humane, ethical and professional code of conduct. Failure to follow these and such other regulations will necessitate the management to take disciplinary action as deemed fit.

A sense of decorum and discipline is expected by every student in the school, hospital as well as in the entire campus. Ragging is Strictly Prohibited. They shall not indulge either individually or collectively, in any form of activity that will bring down the good name of the Institution/Nursing profession. Any person who gets involved in ragging will be punished with immediate expulsion from the institution.